Christian Education

GREEK CLASSES - We are currently working on resuming Greek school.  Please check back periodically for updates.

The Greek language is ours – to learn, to enjoy and to preserve. Three levels of classes are offered in our school for children of all ages. We encourage all parents to register their children. Mrs. Anna Lemanis is the school’s teacher.

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Welcome to our Sunday School

With respect for the health of all and in compliance with all CDC requirements, Federal and State, it is imperative we all abide by the rules and regulations set forth so that our Sunday School is a success.

The following are precautionary measures that will be taken every Sunday:

  • Facemasks must be worn at all times. Safe distancing will be maintained.
  • Temperatures & contact information will be taken for our youth and adults.
  • When entering the Narthex, please only bow to venerate icons.
  • All children will sit with their family. There are no pews for Sunday School.
  • Remember for Holy Communion to keep 6 ft apart until ready to receive.
  • After Communion, return to your family to participate in Fr. Timothy’s lesson.
  • After the lesson, your teachers will dismiss you row by row.
  • IMPORTANT: Keep 6ft apart, go directly to your classroom and assigned seat.
  • Children 3 and under must be accompanied by a parent during the entire class.
  • Families waiting for classes to end, please maintain safe distancing at all times.

Please note: 

  • Just as our children are assigned seats in "regular" school, our Sunday school students will have assigned seats.
  • Hand-sanitizers will be available in each class; classrooms will be sanitized before and after Sunday School.

For Parents:

  • Please review the safety precautions every week with your child/children.
  • Go over the lesson taught each Sunday.  Ask your child about it and let them teach you all they know.
  • Encourage your child to participate in the Church service by singing the hymns, saying the responses, etc.

We are all working together and doing our best to make this Sunday School experience a happy and safe one. We have missed our students and are ready to serve.

Thank you, 

The Sunday School Teachers

What kind of adults will your children become? What values and standards will be important to them? What kind of character will they have? Will they know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior? The church does its share in giving the answers to these questions. It offers an excellent Sunday school program for preschool and grades K-8.

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Meets weekly on Sundays at 11:00 a.m. in the Anasis Library with instructor Theodore Bosen. Topics discussed are of relevance to today’s teenagers and the world in which they live